Curriculum Vitae

Born in Santa Barbara, California
Lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico 


BFA Honors  Art History, Oberlin College, Oberlin, USA

Publications and Research 


Honors Thesis in Art History on Tyree Guyton and Sophie Calle’s installations in abandoned sites

Research Associate for Ahmnet Ogüt’s Bakunin’s Barricade installation at the Allen MemorialArt Museum 

Photographs titled Greer’s Bones published in Plumb Creek Review Magazine

Photographs from Small Bones and Marmalade series published in Wilder Magazine

President of production and publication of the Senior Studio Art Criticism Catalog


Presented research on Zhang Xiaogang’s Bloodline Series at the Macksey Undergraduate Research Symposium at Johns Hopkins


Presented research on the provenance of a Sixth Century Seated Bodhisattva at the Macksey Undergraduate Research Symposium at Johns Hopkins


Published research in Macksey Journals

Honors and Awards

2022 Recipient, Mack Bongiornio Prize for excellence in Art History at Oberlin College

2020 Participant, Practicum in Museum Education with Allen Memorial Art Museum

2020 Recipient, Silver Key Scholastic Art Award

2019 Recipient, Spotlight for Gallery Opening in Carpinteria, California

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